Cool Site of the Week: Airbnb

Maximum PC Staff

For many of us, traveling is about experience. Leaving behind the doldrums of our daily existence, we venture forth to immerse ourselves in new, unknown cultures and locales, finding joy and intrigue in all they have to offer. Who wants to ruin the vibe that comes with that sort of thing by returning to the banality of a cookie-cutter cast hotel room at the end of the day? Not us, that’s for sure. Instead, we recommend booking the accommodations for your next trip through Airbnb , our Cool Site of the Week.

Airbnb is website that matches individuals looking for a place to crash with homeowners that feel a yen to rent out a part or all of their digs. Airbnb’s offerings are diverse and range from modestly priced single room rentals in someone’s humble abode to extravagant stays in castles and houseboats with picturesque views and exorbitant prices. Users are able to browse Airbnb by cost and location, as well as review comments left by other Airbnb users who stayed at a given rental. Airbnb also provides the means for individuals looking to rent out a space in their homes to do so, fast and effectively.

As you’ll be staying in the home of strangers (or if you’ve a room to let, allowing strangers into your home), you’ll want to exercise some caution and common sense when using the services Airbnb has to offer... but not so much that you’ll be steered away from what could become one of the best travel experiences of your life.

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