Convert Your 5th Gen iPod Nano into a Headcam for $35

Paul Lilly

Sure, the new iPod Nano has a smaller screen with multi-touch support and a higher pixel density than previous versions, but unlike the 5th gen version it's replacing, the latest Nano doesn't have a built-in camera or recorder. For $35, you can put these features to use by making a headcam to record your outrageous stunts.

All you have to do is plug your old iPod Nano into Rampant's View case and you've got a helmet camera ready to be strapped to your head. For mission critical applications, you can do a lot better, but given the price, we're at least intrigued with what Rampant is offering.

Check out a couple of sample videos of the Rampant View in action here and here .

Image Credit: Rampant Gear

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