Convert Old Keyboards into Wearable Funk

Paul Lilly

If the world's currency were keyboards, we'd rule the planet. That's because at any given time, a computer geek can disappear into the basement, garage, or computer room and emerge with several planks in hand, most of which probably still work, and representing both PS/2 and USB inputs. But the world doesn't run on keyboards, so short of tossing them into a landfill, what can you use them for?

Troubleshooting PCs, for one, but you hardly need half a dozen keyboards for that. If you're particular daring, stitch yourself a coat of keys and wear your keyboard jacket out in public.

We don't know anything about this keyboard jacket, other than it was posted on Piccsy by user "flaneur," and it looks absolutely funky. Shout out to CNet for bringing this to our attention.

What's the geekiest thing you've ever worn or come across?

Image Credit: Piccsy

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