Controller Tweaks Prompt Valve to Delay Steam Machines Until 2015



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Titanic sank



LOL.. yea.. it's the controller holding things up... it has nothing to do with the lack of linux titles that may help sell said steam boxes. Even if they managed to build the controller to end all controllers that nobody wanted to change for all of eternity... without games it's all a non starter.

Big developers have said they support Valve and the idea of linux gaming but none of them have put their $$ where their mouth is. A $500+ "gaming console" to play $5-10 indie titles is just not going to cut it. Of my 140+ steam catalog only about 10 are available for linux.. most of those are Valve's own titles and then there is KSP and Serious Sam 3.. none of which are going to sell steam machines.

Their only hope is a mega influx of new AAA titles with proper linux versions that run just as well if not better than they do with windows. They would have to release Half-Life 3 and L4D3 as steambox exclusives and somehow manage to make it absolutely impossible to crack them to run on any linux distro... not really seeing that happening.



Valve? Delay things everyone is excited about?




No WAY is it just due to the controllers. This thing isn't ready for prime time yet. And we all really want it to work well so we can get rid of Windows for a lot of gaming needs.

How burned do the "Steam Box" manufacturers feel now? Essentially we'll have to wait an entire processor generation for these things to 'maybe' come out.

Here's to hoping it does happen though.


John Pombrio

Yeah, my thoughts exactly. The prototypes went out and there was a big thud when they were tested. OK was about the best response they got. They can "tweak" all they want, it will still be a half baked idea.