Consumers, Enterprises Turn to Used PCs in Quest for Cheap Windows XP Licenses


In recent times, there have been quite a few reports about some enterprises having professed their liking for Windows XP. The consumers and enterprises that have vowed to abstain from Windows Vista, or plan on running old software owned by them, are scampering for used XP-toting PCs.

There is no dearth of Windows XP PCs as millions of users are supplanting their old PCs with newer ones that run Vista; a Gartner study pegged the number of discarded XP PCs in 2007 at 197 million.

Another reason for the current demand for XP-based PCs is “standardization”, according to Josh Kaplan, president of computer repair firm Repaircom. However, some prehensile resellers are resorting to selling PCs loaded with illegitimate copies of Windows XP to thrifty users desperate for a cheap Windows XP license .

Kaplan advises consumers to be slightly more cautious while purchasing secondhand PCs online as they are very likely to come loaded with a pirated version of XP.

The talk of Vista and XP is known to have elicited some passionate responses from Maximum PC readers in the comments section before and so you are expected to be ready with your astute views on this occasion as well.

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