Consumers Are Over Windows on Tablets, Says Report

Ryan Whitwam

Whenever someone in recent months questioned Microsoft’s intention to make Windows 8 its tablet OS, the company would emphatically point to surveys showing that users actually wanted Windows-based tablets. A new Forester Research report however, claims that consumer interest in Windows tablets has declined sharply in the last six months. According to the report, Microsoft may have missed the boat on the tablet market.

Back in the first quarter of 2011, a Forester survey found that 46% of consumers wanted a tablet device running Windows. That certainly buoyed Redmond’s spirits. The new numbers show that only 25% of consumers are interested in what Microsoft is selling. if Microsoft has really passed the peak of interest in its tablet products, its sluggishness may have just ceded the market to Apple, Google, and others.

In general, Forester is confident that Windows 8 will do well, but that says nothing about the tablet market. If Microsoft is unable to get Windows 8 on tablets until mid-2012, there might be no one left to notice that doesn’t have their nose buried in an iPad or Android tablet.

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