Consumer Reports: Antenna Issue Extends to Verizon iPhone 4

Paul Lilly

Consumer Reports today said that Verizon's CDMA iPhone 4 suffers from dropped calls just like AT&T's GSM version. This discovery runs contrary to several previous reports suggesting that Apple managed to fix the iPhone 4's antenna issue by slightly altering the design, but ultimately "shares with its sibling the possibility of compromised performance in low-signal conditions when used without a bumper or case." Should you be concerned?

Unfortunately, the answer depends on who you ask. Slash Gear , for example, was unable to reproduce the so-called death grip syndrome that caused AT&T's iPhone to lose a signal, and Arstechnica came to a similar conclusion. Consumer Reports wasn't so lucky.

"As with our tests of the AT&T iPhone 4, putting a finger across one particular gap -- the one on the lower left side -- caused performance to decline," Consumer Reports said. "Bridging this gap is easy to do inadvertently, especially when the phone is in your palm, which might readily and continuously cover the gap during a call...Reception typically dropped within 15 seconds or so of the gap being bridged."

The solution? Same as before -- buy a bumper, which Consumer Reports says alleviates the problem, only it's not being offered for free this time around.

View the entire rundown here .

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