Consumer Reports: 3D Looks Better on Plasma than LCD

Paul Lilly

With all the ballyhooing over 3D, Consumer Reports set out to find which displays do the technology justice. What they found in their sampling of 14 3D TVs is that plasma does a better job at beaming 3D images than LCD sets, mostly because the plasma sets exhibited far less ghosting.

"It remains to be seen whether 3D TV is just a novelty or a new product category in the consumer electronics space," said Paul Reynolds , electronics editor fo Consumer Reports . "But, our tests show that there are some fine 3D TV sets out there for those consumers eager for a new experience."

To conduct its tests, Consumer Reports used both exclusive 3D test patterns developed in-house and a collection of 3D blu-ray movies and recorded 3D sports broadcasts.

The Panasonic-brand plasma sets showed the least amount of ghosting, which "plays a big part in 3D quality."

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