Consumer Groups Come Out Against Google's AdMob Acquisition

Ryan Whitwam

Just last week we heard that the FTC was increasing scrutiny of the Google AdMob deal, and now two prominent consumer groups are getting into the mix. Both Consumer Watchdog and Center for Digital Democracy have asked the FTC to block the deal on anti-trust and data privacy grounds. They claim that the acquisition would lessen competition and harm consumers.

The groups took issue with the amount of data Google would have on consumer behavior if the deal were to go through. Though, Google may already have enough of this sort of data. This may be one of those times when Google wants a company for what they do, not just what they know about us. But these sorts of complaints tend to play well at the FTC.

Google offered a steep $750 million for AdMob, which is expected to reach $100 million in revenue in the next three years. Many have speculated that a Google-backed AdMob could essentially wipe out competitors in the mobile advertising space. Does the acquisition concern you? Google does come right out and say they’re not evil, right?

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