Considerate Laptop Thief Returns Victim's Data on USB Key

Pulkit Chandna

More often than not you would find that people who have just had their laptop stolen appear more concerned about the precious data that went with it than the machine itself.

If you have ever consoled someone mourning the loss of their laptop and the data it housed, or have yourself been consoled by someone, you would know that the sympathetic monologue at some point veers into a sermon on the advantages of backing up data and deploying anti-theft measures.

But things turned out differently for a professor at Sweden's Umeå University when he had his laptop stolen, for the thief was considerate enough to back up the laptop’s data on a USB key before mailing it to the professor’s address.

"I am very happy. This story makes me feel hope for humanity,” the unnamed professor told a Swedish newspaper. "It is my life. I have documented everything in it that has happened in the last 10 years and beyond."

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