Congressman Tries to Slap Health Warning on Games... Again



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Congressman Baca's bill was instrumental in narrowly averting a virtual non murder when the simulated weapon that the culprit wasn't really carrying failed to fire any real bullets, you know, because it isn't real! Duh? A witness to the non incident was heard to say "Thank the good congressman for pasting a warning label on PC games, or this might have turned into a virtual, violent, simulated calamity".

Perhaps congressman Tron should derez himself and get back to reality like creating some jobs for Americans, which, apparently also don't exist - much like his proof...his thought process...etc...



i'm not even going to comment on this!!!(no wayyy i just did!!!)



Considering on average more people get into arguements and attempted assasinations due to politics, can we please, please outlaw Congress?  My workplace recently instituted a 'no politics' atmosphere because the last election cycle had polarized the office so badly; but I can still play the Atari 2600 version of Halo on my break.




whatever warning goes on games has to go on TV shows and movies!  Let the Film/TV industry deal with that!  People let their 5 year-olds watch hour after hour of violence and stupid reality crap on TV and then bitch when their kid plays a game that requires they do something more than sit and drool on the couch!! 




It seems Congressman don't get it nowadays. Video games have been a scapegoat since Mortal Kombat came out. They try to drive the point that violent video games are some kind of threat, but they are no more so than violent movies, tv shows and other forms of media. When will they get it? Video games are just another form of media.