Congressman Fighting to Veto ISP Data Capping

Maximum PC Staff

Congressman Eric Massa , who represents New York’s 29th district, is taking a stand against what he sees as an abusive industry: broadband providers. Having recently written a bill, which he plans to introduce to the U.S. House of Representatives, he’s hoping to give the Federal Trade Commission the authority to veto ISP data capping plans.

“Volume-based pricing is detrimental to our economy,” stated Representative Massa at a press conference.  “I became aware of this issue when Rochester doctors said it would have a catastrophic impact.  They rely on broadband for their professional work, and pricing would triple their bill.  Volume usage charges for broadband Internet access that are substantially above cost in a market without sufficient competition constitute an unfair and unconscionable practice, as substantially above-cost pricing has anti-competitive and anti-consumer effects on Internet use.”

He also continued, stating that if we don’t remove data capping plans on ISPs, we could stunt the growth of online video, and potentially hurt “agricultural, medical, educational, environmental, library and nonprofit purposes” as well.

Representative Massa reportedly features tough competition from his colleagues, who support the ISPs and their lobbyists. Still, he remains vigilant.

Image Credit: U.S. Congress

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