Confidential Memo Outlines Significant Changes Headed to Hulu

Paul Lilly

Several changes to the way Hulu operates could be in store for the streaming video service, according to a leaked internal memo deemed confidential. The three-page document indicates a desire by parent companies News Corp. and Disney to take control of how Hulu operates, and specifically in regards to freeing up current-season content from the shackles of exclusivity so that previously restricted programming could be licensed to third parties, such as YouTube.

According to Variety , which published portions of the leaked memo, there's a bit of uncertainty as to whether current Hulu CEO Jason Kilar is part of the streaming service's future plans or not. Based on the bullet points in the memo, it appears likely Kilar will be given a pink slip, though Hulu and its managing partners have declined to comment on the situation.

In addition to ending current-season content exclusivity, the memo reveals plans to end content parity.

" and will be able to hold back certain content to differentiate their own sites from Hulu, which was once entitled to everything on the networks' sites," the memo states.

You can also expect more ads if Fox is granted its wish to increase the number to four per commercial break on

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