Condescending Apple Genius Says iPhones Get Stressed Out, Need R&R

Paul Lilly

There are lots of reasons why battery life in smartphones might fall well short of expectations. You could have too many services turned on all the time, each one sipping juice from the lithium-ion battery. There could be a rogue app that's flawed or poorly coded and constantly doing things in the background. It could be a software snafu, and it could be a hardware problem. Or, as one Apple Genius put it, the phone could be stressed out, man.

David Carnoy over at CNet posted his hilariously maddening encounter with one of the so-called Geniuses at his local Apple Store. Carnoy popped in primarily to troubleshoot an iTunes problem he was having, but also brought up the fact that his iPhone 4S was giving up the ghost after 12 hours on minimal use, which is nowhere near what he was getting with his 3GS. The solution? Turn it off, stupid.

Carnoy brought up the fact that he likes to use his iPhone 4S as an alarm clock and keeps it docked at night so it would be fully charged in the morning. Fair enough, except the Apple Genius found him incredible foolish for using a $400 device (64GB model) to wake himself up when "you can get a perfectly good alarm clock for $20 these days." Where was Siri on this one?

What's more, the Apple Genius insisted that unless Carnoy is an on-call doctor or otherwise needs 24/7 availability, he has no business leaving his phone on at night, docked or otherwise. So again, turn it off, but not for the purpose of calibration.

"Well, sometimes the phone locks up because it's stressed, a lot of stuff is running at the same time," the Genius said, adding that Carnoy should give his phone a break at least once a week by turning it off completely. If, after doing that, the battery life is still bad, he might have a problem, another Genius told him.

Read the condescending exchange here and sound off in the comments section below.

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