Concrete USB Drive Doubles as a Blackjack

Paul Lilly

Yanko Design is known for conceptual products that represent outside-the-box thinking, some of which are brilliant while others are downright outlandish. We'll let you be the judge of which category the Concrete USB thumb drive falls under.

Crafted from cemet, the capacity also represents the drive's weight in grams. These would come in three varieties, including 64GB (64g), 128GB (128g), and 256GB (256g), any of which would be enough to store a whole bunch of data and smack a would-be robber across his temple if he tries to hijack your sensitive documents.

Who knows if this will ever make it to market, but if it does, be careful not to leave it dangling from your PC's USB port where gravity would take its toll.

Image Credit: Yanko Design

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