Computer Security Company Takes Out Enormous Botnet

Ryan Whitwam

Security firm FireEye has reportedly struck a massive blow against spam . The so called “Mega-D” or “Ozdok” spam botnet was effectively dismantled by these intrepid security researchers. After studying the beast, FireEye launched an attack by notifying ISPs, having command and control (CnC) domains removed, and then registering unused CnC domains.

Almost immediately, the spam ceased. No small feat, considering Ozdok was probably responsible for one third of the world’s spam. This takes the load off ISPs which were forced to filter the spam from this botnet. Individual users probably won’t notice much difference.

FireEye found that over 246,000 zombie machines were reporting to the CnC domains in their possession after the takedown. The security firm plans to work with ISPs to indentify the owners of the PCs so they may remove the malicious software.

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