Computer Bug May be to Blame for Six Flags Roller Coaster SNAFU

Paul Lilly

A dozen thrill seekers who jumped on board the Superman Ultimate Flight roller coaster at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom in Vallejo, California got more than they bargained for when a malfunction caused one of the cars to stall at the very top of the ride. Sitting 150 feet above the ground, passengers in the stalled car sat stranded on the ride's zenith (in an upright position) for about 90 minutes before being rescued, and a computer malfunction may be to blame.

"This was not mechanical whatsoever," Six Flags spokeswoman Nancy Chan said in an interview, which is viewable at Los Angeles Times online .

There are several possible culprits under investigation, and one of the front runners is that "it could be programming issues" that proved to be the Kryptonite, Chan added. Tests are currently under way, and in the meantime, Six Flags has taken the Superman ride offline.

As for the passengers, they were compensated with free food and drink passes, along with free tickets to return to the park.

Image Credit: Six Flags

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