CompuLab Announces Fit-PC2i Windows-7-or-Ubuntu Nettop

Paul Lilly

CompuLab, an Israeli outfit specializing in circuit boards for embedded systems used in telecommunication systems, automotive devices, gaming systems, and a bunch of other applications, announced what it claims is the world's smallest dual-Gigabit Ethernet PC.

They'll get no argument from us. The tiny nettop measures a scant 4x4.5x1.05 inches and weighs a measly 13 ounces.Yet despite its diminutive stature, the die cast aluminum enclosure manages to engulf an Intel Atom Z530 (1.6GHz) or Z510 (1.1GHz) processor, 1GB of DDR2-533 onboard memory (optional 2GB), an internal 2.5-inch SATA drive bay to supplement the optional 4GB of onboard Flash storage, and Intel's GMA500 graphics.

Other features include 5.1-channel audio, Wi-Fi, four USB 2.0 ports, and choice between Windows 7 Professional, Windows XP Home with SP3, Ubuntu Linux 8.04, or "other operating systems" that you choose to install on your own.

The Fit-PC2i will start shipping in January for an as-yet undetermined price.

Image Credit: CompuLab

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