Complete Zeus Trojan Source Code Leaked to the Web

Paul Lilly

The entire source code for the Zeus trojan is now floating around the web within easy reach of any would-be miscreant who aspires to modify the code for their own evil deeds. Security firm CSIS discovered the source code being sold on at least two black market forums back in late March, and now says the crime kit is being leaked to the public on several underground forums and through other channels.

This isn't broken code, either. CSIS says it compiled the source code in its lab "and it works like a charm... We can hereby confirm that the complete Zeus/Zbot source code is freely available for inspection, inspiration, or perhaps to be compiled and used in future attacks."

Zeus has proved a popular tool for hackers looking to make a quick buck. The advanced crime kit is highly configurable and makes relatively easy work out of phishing banking information through the use of keyloggers.

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