Coming Soon: Customize Your Next Bimmer with Microsoft Surface


Configuring your next BMW isn't as easy as touching a table yet, but in the near future, it probably will be. BMW has released a video of its prototype BMW Product Navigator (aka BMW Konfigurator), which is powered by Microsoft Surface and designed by Vectorform, which created the interactive 2008 election map used by MSNBC.

As with the 2008 MSNBC project, Vectorform's BMW Product Navigator uses Microsoft Surface to manipulate video that is then shown on an HDTV. With the BMW Product Navigator, you place chips representing product options on the Microsoft Surface tabletop computer, and the changes you make affect the BMW shown on the video screen. And, just so you can make sure you're buying the Bimmer you want, Product Navigator can email you your custom configuration, print it, or copy it to a USB flash memory drive.

Although there's no official word yet on how soon Navigator will make its way to your local BMW dealer, the combination of interactivity and video presentation it represents makes for a powerful sales and product research tool. As this parody of the original Microsoft Surface promotional video suggests, Microsoft Surface makes a lot more sense as a business tool than as a home computer, at least at current prices.

So, are you ready to gesture your way to your own personal "ultimate driving machine?" Hit Comment and tell us.

Image courtesy Engadget .

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