Coming Soon: A 3D Printable Case for Raspberry Pi

Pulkit Chandna

The diminutive Raspberry Pi computer got off to a sensational start last week, with pre-orders selling out within hours. There is very little, if anything, to dislike about Raspberry Pi, a dirt cheap Linux PC the size of a credit card. But the fact that currently no case is available for the Raspberry Pi might bother some of the early adopters. Even though the Raspberry Pi Foundation plans to begin “selling cases by the summer,” a designer named Marco Alici has already finished designing a 3D printable version.

In a post on his blog , Alici described the task as something that wasn’t particularly easy, for “the board has been designed for the minimum dimensions and cost, and some choices are not suitable for a good design for the case.” Another challenge for Alici was -- and still is -- the absence of an actual Raspberry Pi.

Alici has already received a 3D printed prototype of the case from 3D printing company Shapeways -- a development that has probably made his wait for the Raspberry Pi all the more excruciating. So he is now just waiting to test this prototype with the Raspberry Pi. “After that,” he wrote, “I’m planning to make it [the Raspberry Pi case] available for printing on my space on Shapeways.” You can view a 3D model of Alici’s case at this link .

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