Comic-Con 2009: 10 Kick-Ass Sights from the Show Floor, Day 2


The first full day of Comic-Con is over, and we've returned to our hotel room shocked and amazed by the unbelievably cool movie panels and cosplay on display today. Once again, we've narrowed down our top ten sights from today's events for you to enjoy. James Cameron's Avatar, amazing Bioshock cosplay, and a hardcore Street Fighter fan are just a few of the sights that made the list. Just click the "Read More" link below this photo of Supergirl for the full story and more pics.

Believe the buzz. James Cameron's first studio movie since Titanic is the real deal. Cameron, joined by several members of the cast, showed 24 minutes of the film in 3D to fans. We waited 3 hours in line to get into this panel, and every minute was worth it. The story about a marine who meets and assimilates into a tribe of aliens inhabiting an exotic planet isn't groundbreaking -- think Dances with Wolves in space -- but the 3D technology and convincing CG actors certainly are. Cameron announced that Fox has rented out IMAX theaters on August 21st for the general public to catch a FREE 15-minute preview, but with this footage, they've already sold us on the film. Avatar comes out on December 18th.

The cosplay madness begins! We brought you 400 photos of cosplayers last year, and you can expect even more from our gallery this year. This group of DC super heroes was hanging outside the convention hall, drawing more attention than the booths inside the building. And for good reason, as you can tell from the pic below.

Seth Rogan and writing partner Evan Goldberg pulled the covers off the Black Beauty this morning, seeding the first bit of hype for their Green Hornet film. Michel Gondry has taken on directing duties, and the coveted part of Kato has yet to be cast. Who do you think should play the role?

The detail that went into this Blanka costume was impeccable. Notice the gravity-defying geled hair and the broken chains on his feet -- all that was missing was an electric shock.

The biggest sign that Comic-Con has grown beyond even the massive space of the San Diego Convention Center was the line for Hall H -- the main presentation room. Even with a 6,500 seating capacity, the line for Hall H was never fewer than 1000 fans strong. At 8am in the morning, we estimated that over 8000 people were already in line, braving the San Diego sun for a chance to sit in on the Disney 3D, Avatar, and yes, Twilight movie panels. We took unabashed glee when the event staff announced to the line that the Twilight panel had reached capacity -- over 250 people immediately dropped out of line after the announcement. But we could thank the Twilight presence for one thing...

... these Twilight cosplayers brought their A-game to the show. They posed for a full 15 minutes after the movie panel, expressing numerous variations of teenage longing and Vampire angst for their fellow fans. Self-loathing grimaces and furrowed brows are in vogue, we suppose.

We're not sure if this Big Sister was an official part of the Bioshock 2 booth at Comic-Con, but we couldn't help but admire the attention to the detail put into the costume. Bioshock 2's booth was a recreation of an Art-Deco era office, and the staff encouraged attendees to rummage through desks and cabinets for clues related to the game.

Bob Stencil, the unofficial king of Comic-Con, was kind enough to let us snap a photo of him. If you're not familiar with Mr. Stencil's work, we recommend that you check out his Comic-Con 2008 shennanigans immediately.

Another amazing costume was this Captain America, based on the Isaiah Bradley character from the "Truth: Red, White, and Black" mini-series. The first Captain America was actually an African American soldier, who received the super soldier serum as a human ginea pig before the government used it on Steve Rogers. This cosplayer carried a shield that bore the signatures of numerous comic-book writers and artists, too.

We're calling it now. Kick-Ass, a comic-book adaptation directed by Matthew Vaughn (of Layer Cake and Stardust), is the surprise hit of the show. This late-day panel filled up only half of Hall H, but showed footage unlike any superhero film we've ever seen. Kick-Ass puts its vigilantes in the real world, where they're more likely to get beat up and stabbed than perform heroic or superhuman deeds. One scene showed Nicholas Cage as a super hero wannabe, training his 8-year old daughter to fight crime by shooting her in the chest -- just so she knows how it'll feel. The clips we saw were funny, bloody, and uncompromising. Vaughn's still looking for studio to distribute the movie, which he hopes will be in theaters early next year. You'll definitely want to keep an eye out for this one.

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