Comic-Con 2009: 10 Kick-Ass Sights from the Show Floor, Day 1


The first night of Comic-Con 2009 is finally over, and despite only being a quarter of a day (Wednesday's preview night lasted from 5:30 to 9PM), we're still wiped out from all the frenzy. Here are our favorite things we saw at the show today, easily digestible in 10 pictures and descriptions. Wish you were all here to share in the chaotic crowds, overbearing San Diego heat, and overall sweaty nerdiness. More updates from Thursday's panel events coming soon!

Paramount Home Entertainment's booth features the Captain's Chair with Enterprise backdrop for phototaking opportunities. I wonder if they'll let somone dressed in Star Trek cosplay cut in line...

Before making its way to Madame Tussad's gallery in Hollywood, this life-sized statue of Hugh Jackman as Wolverine tempts the ladies with his waxy gaze. I saw several attendees do a double take before realizing that it wasn't a real person.

A full size Bumblebee stands next to a custom GM Camaro. GM is at the show promoting a custom $1000 package that lets Camaro owners add special Transformers detailing to make their car look just like it did in the movie, Autobot logos and all. Sassy radio voice not included.

By far the coolesting thing we've seen so far is the Iron Man armory at Marvel's booth. The Mark I, II, III and IV Iron Man suits drew hundreds of spectators and flashing cameras, building up deserving buzz for next year's film sequel.

It's a Stargate! It glows! We touched it! We're nerds!

The newly designed Enterprise is one of the many highly detailed models for sale from Sideshow Collectibles. Lit by fiber optic lights, this limited edition model falls slightly out of our price range. Truthfully, we didn't ask for the price, because the temptation would be too strong, and we're pretty weak-willed.

The first of many expected Rorschach cosplayers patrols the convention floor. We're going ahead and predicting that this will be the most popular costume this year.

We never realized how cool the Batplane (from the first Batman movie) actually looked until we saw this scale model replica.

DC's Batman Utility Belt collecible prop made its worldwide debut at the show. We would recomment wearing it with this jacket .

The king of all action figures. This 12" figure from Hot Toys features a patented "Paralell Eyeball Rolling System" so the figure changes its gaze as you move its 32 articulated body points. We're not sure how it works, but we want it.

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