Comic-Con 08: 10 Kick-Ass Sights From the Show Floor, Day 3


Here’s something I noticed today while snapping up photos hundreds of cosplayers: they each have a unique pose prepared when other attendees or photojournalists ask to take their picture. It’s actually quite entertaining to watch, really. A dressed-up costumer will just be walking by, casually chatting away with their friends, and then they’ll suddenly execute a unique pose and mug for the camera if they anticipate a shutter click. I’d like to imagine that these cosplayers practice modeling their poses in front of a mirror before stepping foot in public.

But on to the kick-ass sights I saw today. Warner Brothers held a large panel to promote the upcoming Watchmen movie; director Zack Snyder brought the entire starring cast to answer questions from fans and show off never-before-seen footage. The cast really looked and sounded like they loved the material and immersed themselves into their roles. Confirmed: Patrick Wilson’s Nite Owl will indeed be balding, fat, and impotent when he’s out of costume. Matthew Goode, who plays Ozymandias, also pointed out that he played the character with the idea that Veidt was the son of Nazis.

The aforementioned Watchmen panel. Billy Crudup (Dr. Manhattan) talks about how difficult it was to act with dozens of motion-capture balls glued to his face every day for five months.

This is actually the same Wolverine cosplayer we saw on Day 1 of Comic-Con, though he’s switched out his yellow spandex costume for military garb. He told us that he actually has several more Wolverine getups. That’s determination.

These TIE-fighter dudes were ridiculously awesome.

We're not exactly sure what's going on in this scene, but it's hot .

Nightcrawler kid had a few dozen poses ready for the camera. He wouldn't stop posing even after we took a few shots.

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Look who it is! Ex-PC Gamer magazine editors Greg Vederman and Billy Harms! Billy was at the Top Cow comics booth signing copies of his new comic series, Impaler.

Nick Fury and Spiderwoman welcome attendees to the main exhibit hall. Look out Fury, she's really just a Skrull!

It was probably a bad idea to not let the guy with the chainsaw into the main panel room once it filled up. We can definitely see some rage in those eyes. Maybe a little bit of sadness, too.

We found these three Star Wars cosplayers outside the main hall, swarmed by photographers and turning more than few heads.

Sure, we were impressed by Heath Ledger's Oscar-worthy portrayal of the Joker. But this guy probably has the "crazy" market cornered.

Keep an eye out for even more photos we'll be posting up this weekend!

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