Comcast Offers Low Income Families Six Months of Free Internet Service, Will Forgive Old Debts



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Guys, don't be fooled, this is a holdover from one of the mergers they did and are REQUIRED to do something along these lines due to their merger with NBC:



They're also banking on the feds subsidizing "lifeline" coverage for internet in the near future the same way that they currently do for land lines and cellphones. Meaning Comcast would end up either breaking even or actually turning a profit on low income high risk customers.

Not that I think subsidies are a bad thing, the internet is as indispensable as a phone or running water these days... but I hardly think it should be done at the tender mercies of a megaconglomo like comcast.



What this illustrates is how overpriced our internet services are, and what complete BS the speed-tier pricing system is.



I loathe Comcast, but can't help but be tempted by this, since my internet is 6Mbps down and 0.6Mbps up for $54/month(AT&T DSL, anything faster is $20 more and requires a contract).
I live in a city of 20,000, half an hour away from Indianapolis, and these are the rates we get. This is bullshit.



america is paying the highest rates in the entire world.

Take a look at the rates throughout Europe or Asia versus anything that any american internet provider has to offer



Wellp, what else can somebody do. They're gonna take the Comcast deal because there is no better deal. Not because they want to.



If you think for a moment that this is comcast doing something nice, forget it. 1) people like me are eating the cost by being ripped off in their monopoly and 2) they'll end up screwing those people just like they screw everybody.

If you see a scumbag crook doing something nice, look again, you just aren't seeing HOW they're screwing the next person over.


Ghost XFX

They've been treating people like crap and overcharging for so long...why now the sudden change? They have to be losing customers or something...



Comcast has been losing customers every quarter, it is in Forbes all of the time. In fact Comcast is toying with the idea of charging overages and higher fees for people who do not buy "packages". Streaming services are slicing into companies like Comcast. The sooner these companies fall apart and usher in the wireless age the better. I am getting 60 down, 30 up at 18 ping using LTE, why do I need Comcast again? Oh wait I don't....



Comcast doesn't actually care about residential customers, the profit margin there is too low. That's why they're dumping the mid-west (save for Little Rock) in the merger to unload residential subscribers. The ammount businesses pay for service and the effort it takes to maintain those services makes providing residential just a joke.



Talk to anyone who has ever worked for ANY internet provider such as Comcast or Verizon.

Still claiming that the profit margins are too low on residential?

If the average customer stays on most any plan for about a year - it easily exceeds SIXTY percent profit



You need Comcast because of data caps unfortunately. Even if you're really getting those speeds on LTE, you likely have a data cap, and even if it's 10 gigs it's still not even close to enough for computers. And even if you're on "unlimited" data, you'll likely be capped or fined if you start using 100 gigs a month. Unfortunately, Comcast is still the only option for many of us.



"And even if you're on "unlimited" data, you'll likely be capped or fined if you start using 100 gigs a month"

not always, I actually use 100-200GB a month on sprint's LTE (rural area in the midwest so ~30mbps down/18mbps up most days) and the only dirty letter i have gotten (durring a month i used almost 600GB! (computer went boom, re-downloading my steam library and i swear 50+GB of windows/AV/etc updates) was for using too much 3G data on roaming while out of town. The majority of my data gets eaten up by Hulu+, Netflix, and Vudu/UV streaming. Sprint has fiber backhauls everywhere around me in the midwest, so Unlimited means unlimited...



Comcast just wants to look like they're doing the "right thing" so that the FCC will allow the Comcast and Time Warner merger. Try to trick people into thinking that a merger will result in them having more power to "help" others. After the merger, they'll probably just screw their customers over again and again, which is why this program only lasts for 6 months.

All just a facade, like when they merged with NBC Universal.



you're mistaken. They'll lure you in, put you in a hook and will not let go. The same exact thing as the AOL VP who tried to cancel, but the representative will not cancel his account.