Comcast Wins "Worst Company in America" Award

Paul Lilly

We're not sure if a congratulations is in order, but according to readers of The Consumerist blog, it gets no worse than Comcast, which they voted as the "Worst Company in America in 2010."

Comcast faced some stiff competition in the multi-round voting, going up and, um, beating Cash4Gold, United Airlines, PayPal, Apple, and a handful of others. In the final round of voting, Comcast went up against Ticketmaster and won (lost?) handily with 59 percent of the votes

Now that the dust has settled, is Comcast really deserving of this distinction? Consumerist readers obviously think so, who remained ticked at the cable company's reputation for poor customer service, price hikes, Internet throttling, and Comcast's plans to buy NBC Universal.

What company would you vote for as worst in 2010, and why? Is Comcast deserving of this award over, say, Toyota?

Image Credit: The Consumerist

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