Comcast Offers Online Storage Service, Hopes You Forgot About Bandwidth Caps

Ryan Whitwam

Comcast has announced a new online backup system will be made available to their customers. The so called Secure Backup and Share system is being offered in partnership with Mozy online backup. Existing customers can get 2GB of space for free. There are also paid versions with 50GB and 200GB of space.

The price isn’t bad actually, and we can’t argue with the free 2GB of space. Though, we still think Dropbox is a better solution for 2GB of free space. Assuming you needed 200GB of online storage, how would Comcast handle that? Comcast customers are limited to 250GB total bandwidth each month. Anyone actually using that space runs the risk of going over the bandwidth cap. Not to mention mass uploading/downloading of data could trigger speed throttling.

While they could just not count the Mozy data toward caps, that would, in fact, be a non-neutral network practice. They would essentially be treating their backup service’s data preferentially.

It seems that Comcast may be forgetting that they claimed these network management techniques were necessary for the stability of the network. They did it for all our good, right? Now here they are promoting a really good way to hit those data caps. Makes you feel like the whole data cap thing is a bad idea, eh Comcast?

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