Comcast Cable Guy Caught Stealing Jewelry

Paul Lilly

Remember Jim Carrey as the Cable Guy? He was obnoxious, overstepped numerous boundaries, and even broke a few laws. Be he never stole jewelry from Matthew Broderick. Perhaps Hollywood viewed such an act as too low for the big screen, one in which a cable company adds insult to injury by having its customers wait around all day for an installer to show up, only to have valuables go missing at the end of the day. It wasn't too low for Comcast.

According to a local news report in Atlanta, police arrested a Comcast cable repair man who stands accused of stealing jewelry from some of his customers' homes, one of which happens to be a cancer patient currently going through chemotherapy. Between the stolen goods and Comcast equipment he allegedly took, police say repair man Stephvone Chandler made off with thousands of dollars via pawn shops around town.

Chandler is being held at the Gwinnett Count Jail and faces 13 theft related charges, which probably won't help Comcast's 2010 Consumerist poll standing as the " Worst Company in America ." To be fair, not all Comcast installers and repair workers are tools . Back in 2009, two Comcast technicians saved an elderly woman from perishing in flames when her house caught on fire.

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