Comcast "AnyPlay" In-Home TV Streaming Details Leaked

Ryan Whitwam

A leaked user guide has outed Comcast’s upcoming AnyPlay service, which will let customers stream live TV to assorted mobile devices. On initial offering will be iPad support, but other tablets are expected to be added as well. The service will rely on in-home Wi-Fi, and users will have to get a special Motorola cable box from the cable provider.

Comcast plans to make most channels available to the user for streaming, but some content will be missing. For instance, on-demand and pay-per-view content won’t be available through the AnyPlay service. Comcast’s document did not make mention of any additional cost for AnyPlay, but it is possible a small additional charge could be included for the special box.

AnyPlay is expected to roll out in test markets soon, then move national some time after that. Would you make use of this service? Would you pay extra for it?

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