Column: The Story Among Us



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"Television’s embrace of serial storytelling—lavish plotlines, deep characters, and serious world-building spread out over dozens of hours—is giving the medium new heft."

I guess you're not talking about "network television" here as, with the arguable exception of Person of Interest, this doesn't exist there (Did it _really_ exist in Lost?).

Episodic games aren't for me-blame Valve-but I do approve of an "indie" game that uses realistic-while-still-stylized artwork. "16 bit" needs to go away.



The style of gameplay spoken in this article is the stuff of anime and MMO's (I speak broadly, but the stereotype holds). It is interesting and kind of cool that the mainstream is catching on.

By the way, next time don't pull words like 'telos' out of nowhere just to sound smart. This article was too short to explain the philosophical significance of 'telos.' Merely saying 'purpose' would have been enough for a consumer piece of writing.

Philosophical concepts such as telos, play, and narrative demand larger discussion by the writer.

Every good journalist knows how to rip off other people's deep thinking, distill it, and not reference the original sources at all.



I really enjoyed the Walking Dead game. By the end, I felt an obligation to Clementine to do the right thing. Very much like "The Last of Us"

I don't always require overly complicated controls and stunning visuals to enjoy a game.



I'm just waiting for the second episode to be like 75% off to play . I liked the first one.


Renegade Knight

I have to admit. I enjoyed The Walking Dead. More so than the TV show. The method works. That said. I agree with wolfing about not wanting to keep old eppisodes around for the game continuation. I'd prefer an easy way to transfer my end point from one to another (which Mass Effect could have benefited from). Plus like Free said. I wait up for the entire "season" to be batched together. I don't have a lot of interest in being strung along. The Wheel of Time burned me out on being strung along. I quit waiting for each book and instead waited for the entire series to be done. Good thing I did. I couldn't remember jack from the first books by the time the last was released.


Free Software Blog

For me the Telltale Games are GREAT and I really mean that. I love they did something original and fresh to the boring world of gaming these days.

I also do not like thing about "game episodes" so I wait till all episodes publish to play them.



It may be 'the new thing', but I don't like it.
When I play a game (with a story), I install it, play it, finish it, uninstall it and move to the next one. If they want to continue the story, make a sequel. I don't want to keep 20 games on my desktop for when their 'next episode' comes.