CNN Thinks the Apple Tablet will be the Best Thing in the World

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It’s almost surreal, the experience surrounding reporting on Apple’s rumored tablet. Firstly, because there is no such device. Apple, in fact, denies it exists. And there is no credible third-party evidence to suggest otherwise. But that doesn’t stop supposed smart guys in technology reporting to maintain otherwise. And, to top it off, conclude it is (not will be) the coolest thing ever.

David Goldman, of , summarizes analysts as viewing Apple’s tablet as “channelling their inner-Frodo. [It will] be the one gadget to rule them all.” A fictional ring of power seems to match up well with a fictional computing device.

For example, Laura DiDio, an analyst for Information Technology Intelligence Corp. (ITIC), says “This will be the next big thing. Apple is going to wow everybody with the tablet.” Apple’s phantom tablet, according to DiDio, will have a 10-inch or 12-inch screen, high-end graphics process, Wi-Fi or 3G, a web cam, and will be able to do everything: ebook, Internet, games, movies, and music. There’ll be dozens of third-party apps available for it. Why, heck, it might even clean out the cat box and take out the trash. That’s how wonderful this device will be.

Also on the Apple tablet bandwagon is Dan Ackerman, a senior editor at CNET. According to Ackerman: “Apple will come out with the tablet and blow everyone away. Instead of taking along a Kindle and an iPod, [it] could become the device you carry with you.”

Not everyone is impressed, however. Zeus Kerravala, an analyst with Yankee Group, says such devices are only good “for ad-hoc purposes, like quick and dirty tasks. There’re not for any prolonged, high-performance use.” It’s not only praise but damnation for a product that doesn’t yet, or may ever, exist.

Image Credit: Innoblog

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