CMO Shipping 3D Displays for Use in HP Notebooks

Paul Lilly

Citing those ever-elusive "market sources," news and rumor site DigiTimes says 3D notebook displays are just around the corner. More specifically, Chi Mei Optoelectronics (CMO) just finished developing an 18.4-inch 3D notebook display, which will ultimately end up in the hands of Hewlett Packard.

According to DigiTimes' sources, HP plans on releasing notebooks using the 3D panel sometime in the second half of 2009, perhaps as early as next month. In addition to 3D capabilities, the panels will also boast full HD resolution and a 120Hz frame rate.

The sources also added that CMO is churning out ultra-thin displays for use on 11.6-, 14-, and 15.6-inch CULV notebooks, though it's unclear whether these will also feature 3D capabilities.

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