Club Nintendo Hack Compromised 24,000 User Accounts

Paul Lilly

Nintendo, we have a problem

Over the past month, hackers apparently bombarded a Nintendo fan site with over 15 million fraudulent login attempts, nearly 24,000 of which were successful. As spelled out in The Japan Times , Nintendo is warning customers in Japan that the massive breach resulted in sensitive user data being compromised, including real names, home addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses of Club Nintendo members.

Nintendo first became aware of the problem on Tuesday evening, though the login attempts have been occurring since June 9, 2013. As far as Nintendo is aware, none of the information obtained has been misused so far.

While Nintendo sorts things out, it went ahead and suspended the stolen accounts and passwords. Only Club Nintendo members in Japan are affected. Through Club Nintendo, gamers can earn points by purchasing games or hardware, and then redeem those points for various rewards.

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