Club 3D Terminates Relationship with Nvidia, Cozies Up to AMD

Paul Lilly

Club 3D officially severs ties with Nvidia.

Perhaps things were getting a little awkward for Club 3D in trying to maintain a relationship with both AMD and Nvidia, two competing GPU makers. Whatever the reason, from this point forward Club 3D is solely in AMD's corner and will no longer be producing video cards with Nvidia's silicon. Club 3D provided an official statement on its decision, noting that it's been a long ride serving both companies, but that it now wants to put all its focus on developing AMD cards.

"We are showing our commitment to AMD because we believe that AMD is ideally positioned to deliver a complete solution to our customers, and after 16 years in the business offering solutions from a variety of processor partners, we truly believe that we can offer a better solution going forward with AMD," Club 3D CEO Judith Ma Tseng said in a statement .

AMD was obviously happy with Club 3D's decision, calling it a "powerful acknowledgement" of the chip designer's leadership in GPUs. Might some other factor be at play, however?

According to Fudzilla , there have been rumors that Nvidia has been seeking to reduce the number of add-in board (AIB) partners, focusing on just the more profitable ones. Whether or not that's the case here, only Nvidia and Club 3D know for sure.

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