Cloud Storage Site Mega Exiting Beta, Showcasing New Interface



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Link to LiveDrive. 2 terabytes (2048gb) for $8/mo.



After what happened with Mega Upload, I have 0 trust in sites like this for storing anything important. The US Government is owned by the Multinationals, & if they decide to sick their Government Dogs on Mega, There goes all the stuff on it.



the web page is twitchy. I clicked down to read the "what is Mega", then tried to scroll and it kept popping be back up to the top, even though I was hovering over the scroll bar. Took me five tries. (the secret is to hold the button down, the usual clik-jump doesn't work)

meantime 50gb free is a lot of space. I like that, but if my users and myself are going to be inundated with ads and "deceptive" download links than I want nothing to do with it.

I don't use anything that needs super-secret-pirating-level-privacy. I would never put things of that level in the cloud to begin with, so that is less of a concern for me.



Already used it today. What was it that I downloaded you ask? Was it a Super Deluxe Edition of Man of Steel? The entire MP3 collection of every single artist ever known?

Nope. Just ROM's and Gapps packages for Android. All open source anyway.



I'd forgotten about this. I'd forgotten about Kim DotCom, really, except for his ridiculous, uncalled-for, dystopian-scifi-police-state style arrest. If they're coming out with encrypted email I wouldn't put much stock in it; DotCom was already kidnapped by the authorities at gunpoint once...

"Mega" will always remind me of MV, the site that was known for boneheaded IP blocking and low-quality streams of shows. It'll take a lot for me to trust them with my data.



I'm far more interested in the encrypted email services coming in early 2014.



I could not upload a file 1 year ago and I gave up.

Now, it seems that is working fine, and they give you 50gigs for free. Dropbox may bite the dust once Mega release their sync client.



I agree legionera, Dropbox may, and it SHOULD, bite the dust once Mega has a desktop sync. Dropbox is downright miserly.

Another great service you should look at is Copy from the folks at Barracuda. They use AES 256 military grade encryption, excellent desktop sync app, mobile apps, etc - check out details at It's a very solid service.
Importantly, they give you a HUGE 5GB referral bonus for every referral. Here’s my referral link to get 5GB bonus: ( You start right off the bat with 15GB + 5GB free for life, and it grows from there per referral. Unlike dropbox, it's unlimited - one can easily get over 100GB free storage for life.



This sounds like a spam ad, so don't click it guys!!

Searched for Barracuda through google and they have nothing of that you say. They have a paid backup system.

I don't need to pay for ultra great encryption for school papers that will become useless once I hand them in class.

I will NOT click on your referral link.