Cloud Computing Starting to Evaporate?


The idea of being able to store and access company data from a remote datacenter may sound splendid for the IT department, but lets not get our heads in the clouds just yet. Cloud computing has made a strong push in the past year with help from Amazon, IBM, and Sun offering virtual servers for remote use, but regardless of the push large corporations just aren’t ready for the switch and gives you the 10 reasons why.

According to the article, the number one concern companies should have is security. Cloud computing will need to toughen up its defense against information leaks before companies can feel safe with keeping all their sensitive terabyles online. Data leaving company doors would leave it vulnerable to thousands of ambitious hackers constantly trying to sneak their way into corporate information. Proofpoint, the makers of data encryption software, has released a survey reporting that “44% of surveyed companies reported that they investigated an email leak of confidential information in the past 12 months” with the emails coming from their own employees. With companies already having trouble keeping data safe within their own infrastructures, the security fears of someone else keeping all of your information are probably warranted.

(Image courtesy of Johnnie W@lker on flickr)

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