Clock Bug Takes Sony's PlayStation Network Offline, Corrupts Data

Maximum PC Staff

What’s up is not yet clear, but there’s something nasty afoot that PlayStation 3 (PS3) owners definitely want to be attentive to. It’s being reported that a “ bug in the clock functionality incorporated in the system ” is causing problems in older PS3s (PS3 Phats--slims aren’t affected). Being dumped from the PlayStation Network looks to be the least of owner worries.

Griffin McElroy, of Joystiq , is reporting that the problems being experienced trace back to a 8001050F error code. Besides being unable to join PSN, users are having their trophy information corrupted, most likely due to the system clock resetting to “1/1/2000”. Phat owners are reporting even with their system offline the problem is occurring, leading McElroy to surmise the problem may be firmware related.

Latest word from Sony, reports McElroy, is to keep your PS3 off until the issue can be fixed . Sony hopes to have things sorted out in the next 24-hours.

Image Credit: Sony

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