Cligs is Throwing in the Towel on its URL Shortening Services

Ryan Whitwam

URL shortening service Cligs has announced that it will be closing up shop later this month . The service will stop accepting new URLs on Sunday, 25 Oct 2009 at 12:00:00 GMT. The owner of Cligs indicated that there would be a tool available at some point for users to export their data.

Cligs reported there were a number of reasons for the move. Of the chief reason the site says, “There comes a point when you need to actually hear the message the market is telling you, and not just listen and ignore it.” The owner of Cligs noted that since it was not winning the market, devoting additional time and money to it made less sense.  This tends to remind one of the recent almost-closure of a few weeks back. In a follow up post, the Cligs owner said he would be open to selling the service.

This is all partially your fault.  You use, don’t you?

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