Clickfree C2 Rugged Backup Drive Can Bump and Grind

Paul Lilly

The new Clickfree C2 Rugged Back-up Drive is "built to strict U.S. military standards," though that doesn't mean you should lug this on the battlefied and use it to repel bullets. What you can do is accidentally (or purposely, if you're the curious type) drop the drive from up to four feet, plug it into your PC, and watch it come to life as if nothing happened.

Wearing a sturdy rubber outer sleeve, inner shock absorbers, and the company's patented EASY Run feature, Storage Appliance Corporation bills this thing as the "world's only rugged portable backup drive with automatic setup and installation." All you have to do is plug it into your PC via USB and the drive will automatically start, search, organize, and backup your data; no setup or configuration is needed.

Unfortunately the C2 doesn't support USB 3.0, limiting users to USB 2.0 transfer speeds -- bummer. On the bright side, pricing isn't ridiculous for a backup drive. The C2 is shipping now in 500GB form for $100.

Image Credit: Storage Appliance Corporation

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