Civilization IV Becomes First Game Ever to be Nominated for a Grammy

Nathan Grayson

Say what you will about the Grammies (like how it's an awful, corrupt excuse for an award show that hasn't tried to highlight truly good music without some form of ulterior motive in years), but it's an excellent platform for recognition, and Civilization IV's “ Baba Yetu ” main theme certainly deserves it.

Composed by Christopher Tin, the song features the Soweto Gospel Choir and has transcended the admittedly large niche of Civilization addicts through more than 1000 live performances by local and professional choirs (via Gamasutra ). If it manages to play the judges' heartstrings like a fiddle, it'll take home the award for "Best Instrumental Arrangement Accompanying Vocalists."

Sure, it's not “Song of the Year” or anything like that, but it's still a pretty big deal. Plus, in this category, there's no chance of going toe-to-toe with class acts like “F*** You.” Yeah, we think videogames are art, but we're clearly not ready to tussle with modern masterpieces of that calibur.

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