Citrix Releases Xen 4.0 Hypervisor

Paul Lilly

Desktop virtualization specialist Citrix last week announced the release of Xen 4.0, the company's open source hypervisor software.

"The explosion of cloud computing in the industry and increasing demands from enterprise customers are the driving force behind the continued technology advancement of the Xen community. The Xen hypervisor already powers most of the world’s largest clouds and our customer base expects the Xen community to set the pace in virtualization infrastructure. Xen 4.0 delivers on these expectations," said Ian Pratt, found and chairman of

Citrix says more than 50 technology vendors, universities, and virtualization experts collaborated on Xen 4.0. The latest release purports to bring "substantial performance and scalability gains," tons of memory and security optimizations, and improvements to ease of management.

Image Credit: Citrix

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