Cisco: We're not Copying Apple's iPad

Paul Lilly

Cisco surprised a good many people earlier this week when it announced plans to release a tablet of its own, but contrary to what you might think, the company's upcoming Cius tablet isn't just an iPad in Cisco trim.

"It's complementary to the iPad," said John Chambers, CEO, Cisco. "We do want to have an architectural play in consumer (but a tablet or netbook for the home) is where a number of our peers will lead."

According to Chambers, the Cius isn't a lame attempt at cashing in on the sudden rabid demand for tablets, but a product that has been in the making for the past 18 months.

Whereas the iPad is primarily an entertainment tool for the home user, Cisco says its Cius will target markets in technologically transitional stages, like education and healthcare. The Cius could, for example, foster collaboration between healthcare providers, patient, and insurance company and family to talk about different treatment options, Cisco says.

Image Credit: Cisco

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