Cisco Study Finds 40 Percent of IT Workers are Clueless About Virtualization

Paul Lilly

Virtualization a foreign concept to many IT workers

Well now, here's something that's a bit surprising. According to a recent study by a nationwide network of Cisco Partners, there's a pretty sizable gap between IT managers and everyday employees when it comes to the topic of virtualization , what it's used for, and what its many benefits are. Taking it a step further, statistically speaking (based on the study), 4 out of 10 IT managers have never even heard of virtualization.

That isn't to say many aren't already using virtualization. Many are benefiting from the deployment of virtualization supported technologies, Cisco says, adding that 46 percent of workers can access their work desktops from any device. Nearly two-thirds -- 65 percent -- of workers who have had a virus on their work PC had it restored in a single business day, and a majority of workers reported that software is automatically deployed onto their machines.

"It’s often that a revolutionary but functional technology goes unheralded by the greater public. Ask a group off the street what DNS or HTTP stands for and you won’t get many right answers," Cisco notes.

"On the other hand, most people can see how smartphones, tablets and netbooks are changing the modern workplace," Cisco added. "Mobility as a tech trend is easier for people to see in progress. It means being able to work anywhere on any device. The Cloud is another example. The public is becoming more comfortable with the concept as brands like Apple and Spotify now offer consumers hosted offerings for music, file storage and disaster recovery. Yet a tech concept enabling all these technologies, virtualization, is still ‘virtually’ unknown among full-time information workers."

So, what's the big deal if IT workers are clueless about virtualization? According to Cisco, it's problematic because public opinion and conventional wisdom often guide the decisions of CEOs and managers. It's also worth noting that 80 percent of senior management are unaware of how virtualization will benefit their business.

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