Cisco Sees Holograms Becoming Commonplace in Next Decade

Paul Lilly

TV makers have a vested interest in promoting the 3D revolution, but they're not the only ones. Companies like Cisco are just as stoked.

"There is no question in my mind that 3D is the next thing to happen in video," said John Chambers , CEO of Cisco. "It's the next logical evolution of the technology."

According to Chambers, video is becoming the next must-have app of all IP networks, a trend which feeds right into Cisco's business. Even cooler, Chambers says we're not far off from when telepresence video conferencing will go 3D as well.

"3D will make things more lifelike," Chamber said. "But I think in 10 years we'll be seeing holograms used. Not only can this be used to enhance business communications, but imagine the implications for certain vertical businesses like medicine."

Let's hope in 10 years time companies are able to find a better way to implement holograms than CNN's lame display in late 2008.

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