Cisco Planning FlipShare TV: Watching Flip Videos on Your TV Made Easy

Maximum PC Staff

Let the wild and rampant speculation begin! Apparently some on the Internet have become all worked up over a Federal Communications Commission (FCC) filing by Cisco Systems . The filing covers a remote control, produced by Foxconn , which doesn’t match any current Cisco offerings, but seems to tie in nicely to an existing product, marketed through Pure Digital Technologies: the Flip digital camcorder.

Information on the new product suggest it to be a device for streaming video from your computer to a television--with the biggest hint being an unreleased “FlipShare TV” manual. The device comes with three parts: the remote, a box to attach to your TV, and a transmitter for your computer. Video on your computer can be accessed with the FlipShare software and streamed wirelessly from the transmitter to the TV box. (Doesn’t AppleTV already do this, and much more?)

Little else is know about FlipShare TV. Does it, for example, do anything more than stream Flip videos? And information on pricing or availability is not yet known. But the picture sure does look nice.

Image Credit: Cisco System

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