Cisco: More Spending on Collaboration Technology Expected

Paul Lilly

According to Cisco, IT departments are crying out for more collaboration tools, even though many employees feel constrained by corporate policies.

Be that as it may, a recent global study by Cisco suggests that 77 percent of IT decision makers plan to increase spending on collaboration tools this year. Left to their own devices, more than a quarter of those surveyed who work at organizations that prohibit the use of social media applications admitted altering the settings on their corporate gadgets in order to gain access, saying they "need the tools to get the job done."

Of those who said they expect spending to increase on collaboration tools, 56 percent said such spending would likely increase by at least 10 percent, and probably more. India and China seem to be the most progressive in adopting the technology, Cisco said, though the majority of IDTMs recognize the importance of collaboration tools, specifically the need for better video conferencing equipment, Web conferencing, and Internet Protocol telephony.

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