Cisco Kills The Cius Tablet

Maximum PC Staff

The little big tablet that almost nobody has ever heard of… has died. The Cisco Cius tablet was an Android based device that was customized from the ground up to be a corporate solution, which as it turns out nobody wanted to buy. In a blog post entitled “ Empowering Choice in Collaboration ”, Cisco used every marketing term they could think of before admitting, “they will no longer invest in the Cius tablet”.

To make matters worse anyone who bought devices up to this point will be forever stuck in time since development of the platform is also coming to a halt. We are paraphrasing a bit of course, but you get the idea. If you are one of the unfortunate few who picked up a Cisco Cius, you got yourself a fancy piece tablet history, but sadly not much else.

Announcements like these are not just a blow to owners of the platform, but the entire non-iPad tablet movement. Abandoning users means no future updates or support, and that’s never a good thing. At least with the iPad you know Apple has you covered, and Windows 8 should theoretically offer the same piece of mind.

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