Cisco and HP Break Up, No Longer Service Partners

Paul Lilly

Sometimes relationships just don't work out, and that's the case between Cisco and Hewlett Packard. As InfoWorld reports it , Cisco was the one breaking things off, saying it will not renew its systems integrator contract with HP, effectively ending HP's status as a certified reseller and service partner.

"Over the last few years, our relationship with HP has evolved from a partner to companies with different and conflicting visions of how to deliver value to our customers," Keith Goodwin, senior VP of Cisco's Worldwide Partner Organization, said during a Webcast. "We've already reached out to HP to begin the discussion around a new agreement that ensures business continuity for existing customers but better reflects the current state of our relationship."

Cisco said it would continue to make good on its current customer service contracts with HP until they expire, but that doesn't mean there isn't any animosity between Cisco and HP. During the Webcast, Goodwin threw a jab at HP, saying the company no longer "aligns" with its "network-centric vision."

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