Circuit City's Liquidation "Sale" Still a Rip Off

Paul Lilly

Tech vultures looking to barnstorm their nearest Circuit City in hopes of plucking the electronics chain's low cost remains are instead finding themselves leaving empty handed. It's not that all the good deals have already been picked over, but there just aren't very many good deals to begin with.

Consumer investigative reporter Nydia Han for ABC Action News sent a camera crew into a local Circuit City to compare the bankrupt chain's liquidation prices to that of Best Buy and other stores. The crew examined 25 items ranging from DVDs to big screen TVs, and in many cases, Circuit City's sales prices ended up being higher. Examples include a TomTom GPS marked down to $180 versus $150 at Best Buy, and a 42-inch Plasma TV marked down to $900 versus $850. Of the 25 items, ABC Action News says 10 of them were cheaper at Best Buy, with other items selling for less at discount chains like Wal-Mart. And all of them could be bought for less online.

According to ABC News, liquidators tasked with getting as much money as possible from store closings are allowed to raise marked prices and bring in outside merchandise. To drive the point home, ABC showed a Sony laptop selling for $800 before the liquidation sale, but now sports a price tag showing it marked down to $837 from it's 'regular price' of $930.

Watch the video here , then hit the jump and tell us if you've found any notable deals at your local Circuit City.

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