Circuit City is No More


Turn out the lights, the party is officially over. Circuit City's chain-wide liquidation sale came to end yesterday, marking the final day of operation for any of the former electronics chain's stores that had remained open in an attempt to clear out inventory.

"Thanks to record shopper turnout at many of the store locations and the attractive discounts offered on all merchandise, the sales actually went quicker than we expected," Scott Carpenter from Great American Group said in a statement .

Circuit City, who fell on rough times last year, did everything it could to try stay in business, including closing down over 150 stores and cutting 20 percent of its workforce, securing a massive loan to pay off debt, and trying to find a buyer interested in keeping the store afloat. But on January 16th of this year, Circuit City announced it would close all of its remaining 567 U.S. stores.

The liquidation sale that followed was met with a bit of controversy when reporter Nydia Han for ABC Action News sent a camera crew into a local Circuit City and found that several of the liquidation prices were higher than Best Buy's regular pricing.

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